About Rachel

Hey there, I'm Rachel. 

I'm a mom a lot like you. I have identical twin toddlers, a surprise baby fourteen months later and a sweet new baby girl. I suffer from tired yet caffeinated mom brain. I am an infertility and IVF survivor, pastor's wife, insurance agent, cupcake baker, chocolate lover and writer of words

This place is my motherhood therapy where I share my tales of chaos, learn from my many mistakes and hopefully encourage you that you are not alone dear momma.

I wait for bedtime for so many reasons. To rest, to sit down, to breathe but most importantly to meet with Jesus. To reflect, refresh, and restore my soul. After I have survived the bedtime routine, I collapse on the couch and exhale. I blog to make an attempt to learn from my day, give grace to myself and my family, and pray I become just a little bit better of a momma. Will you join me?

PS- PLEASE keep your eyes peeled for leftover eggs and Lego's on the floor while you visit. ;)

Why I blog

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