Never been a cool kid.
Never been an extrovert.
Never been popular or oogled over or a bright shining star.
I am rather okay with not being in the spotlight.

There is always this strange pull though, to be included in the cool club.
To be included and popular and well known.
To walk in the room with lights and fog and hair blowing while everyone wants to be you.
Thousands of shares and likes and instagram friends.

What a difficult world to live in as an underdog. Or is it?
Would you rather live surface or would you rather live deep? And real? And true?
In a world where social media and your social status make zero difference.
In a world where Jesus is the center and He is singing songs of glory over you.
In a world where your focus is simply loving others well, like Jesus would.
Where He is shining a bright light on the path He has for you and it is different than everyone else's and it is unique and good. When everyone flocks down a road that is popular, it gets jammed up and busy and loud and you just can't focus. If you walk the road Jesus dreamt for you though, oh the beauty. You can see and feel and touch and focus on truth and not be distracted by everyone else's journey you want to be your own. When you stop looking at what everyone else is doing you can actually flourish.

Let's just be our authentic selves.
Let's just stand firm to who Jesus called us to be.
Let's just ignore the people oogling the cool kids- heaven has no favorites.
Let's focus on Jesus and our path and live deep and wide in a life anchored by Jesus not moveable by shifting trends.
Let's stay faithful in the season we are in.
He is doing a new thing in you. Not the same thing as that other person, a new thing.

If you are popular or not- who cares. If you are obeying what God called you to do faithfully- that is what matters. The whole earth is filled with His glory, you are uniquely part of His glory. Go, be yourself. Change the world for Jesus.


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