One Thousand Thoughts

Go, go, go faster.
My thoughts are to the left and right and below and above and they are pressing in on me.
It's like I am breathing thick, hot air.
Which thought do I think next?
What is most important right now?
I don't even know.
My chest and my shoulders are feeling squeezed as I walk through a forest of overgrown trees and limbs are surrounding me and smacking me and I cannot see. I am trapped.

Is the school supply list done?
Will my son be okay with this teacher?
How will I handle homework time with four kids?
Oh, I just got a text.
The water is runing and I just tripped on a lego.
What does this person think of me?
Where are my sandals?
Did I kiss Paul this morning?
I need to work out.
Did I my medical bill?
I hope I don't die young.
Should I work on potty training or binky removal?
Was I kind enough to this person?
I wonder if I am allergic to gluten?
Did I plan the next church event?
The trash stinks.
Will I make that sales goal at work?
Will I fail at all of this?
It is all too much.
I think I will just go online and waste the next hour instead.

So I do.
And then I do the same thing the next day while getting a few things crossed off yet something else takes it's place. This is not how I want to live my life, anxiety ridden. Held under the thumb of the enemy. Listening to the lies that distract me, belittle me, and slow me down.

As mothers, as women we are mightier than we know. We set the pace, the tone, the emotion of our homes and our workplaces. When our kids are sassy and mean, let's be honest they learned it from us. I am no peach to live with when I am surounded by 1,000 thoughts bearing down on me. I am short, annoyed and expect too much. When our minds are distracted by the negative, the chaos, the list that never ends we are not fully living. We are not loving others or loving ourself as God commanded. Our own thoughts come before loving others. Okay, so what is the answer then you ask?

Slow down.

I mean slow.
Think slow, move slow, talk slower, breathe slower.
You are laughing, I know.
I am for real. Like for real.
Think like vacation, enjoy life, look at the clouds, southern draw slow.
You will get so much more done and be so much happier if you can slow down and focus on one single thing at a daggone time. Slowly.

Now listen sister, I am still learning this. I am right there with you in the anxiety on many days yet I know for sure, when I slow down and focus on Jesus--the forest of tree limbs surrounding me just lifts off my chest and I barrel through lightly. I can breathe easier. Jesus just guides me and lifts me up. It's pretty great.

Foster says, "the devil thrives in noise, hurry and crowds." 
Combat the enemy of this world with quiet, slowness, and alone time in Jesus.
Change the way you think- think slowly-one thought at a time. Don't let the world pressure you into a multi-tasking, anxiety ridden, crazy momma.  It seems impossible with children at every corner but you can look inward and find the peace of Jesus amidst your day in slowness. Try it. Know I will be trying it and messing up and trying some more. The moments of glory from slowness will make it worth it. Don't miss your life going too fast. Enjoy your life slowly, it is a gift from God to you.

"Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect." Romans 12:2 NLT


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