Always more.
More important.
Strive harder.
Grind, sweat, push to be more.

You are no one unless you have at least 1,000 Instagram followers.
Unless you have a business worth a million dollars by 30.
Unless you pastor a church with 2,000 people.
Unless you have a Joanna Gaines worthy home.
Unless you have perfect teeth and hair and 2.5 kids.
Unless you are always happy and never let people see you struggle.
Unless you have lights and fog and and music playing with wind blowing in your hair everywhere you go.
Unless you have money, status, and power.

Everywhere I turn people are worshiping celebrities, pastors, musicians, the wealthy, the people who seem to have more. 
People strive for fame, to be someone other than themselves.
People spend more time on social media wishing they were someone else than in their Bibles becoming who God made them to be. 

We are being ruined by more.
Myself included.
This heaviness to be everything to everyone and be famously more is crippling.
We are riddled with crippling anxiety by this pressure for more.
We are burdened by negative thinking when our kids don't behave perfectly, when things don't go perfectly or our home is not spotless. We are looking at the surface not the heart.
We are heavy laden with fear in our gut that we are behind and need to work harder to be more. Who sets these standards?

Sit where you are tonight and be content with where God has you right this very moment.
Look around at the beauty of it all. The dirty dishes, the laundry piles, the not-so-perfect job, the inconspicuous life where God is spinning a web of beauty over your life and you can't even see it yet. Stop rushing Him. Lay down in those green fields and take a deep breath of freedom. You don't need to be more known for Him to use you or fill you or create beauty in you. You don't need to be famous or have status or be gorgeous for Him to love you, pour out of you or for your voice to be heard. Let Jesus be with you right here, right now and mold your heart. You are known by Him. Your future is His. Trust Him with it. Working hard is noble, after you rest in Jesus in this present moment. Wait with Him here and don't just talk about yourself. Wait. Rest. Trust.

This is who He says I am:
More than a conqueror (Romans 8:37)
More precious than gold and rubies. (Proverbs 3:15)
More valuable than the birds of the air. (Matt 6:26)

Tonight I say, less of me more of God.
Less of me, more of God. 
More of God, less of me.
When Jesus is more in me, I am more because of Him.
Hands outstretched, eyes faced upward, heart emptied of myself. 
Let it go.

1 Peter 3:4


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