To the Dreamers

To the dreamers, doers, hard workers, daily grinders, pushers and on my knees people, I get you.
This post is for you. For you God-sized dreamers.
Dreams you could only accomplish with God's help, He placed those there. This is for you.

Eight years ago I posted online these words, 

"If there were a job where I could be an artist/photographer/professional pastry chef/painter/graphic designer/decorator/barista who gets to laugh with and serve others all while promoting social justice causes and making people feel at home and loved- I would take it! Does that job even exist? ha"

Today as I sit here, this big God-sized dream job that did not exist is coming to light in almost every detail.  I am amazed.  I still work a day job and am a 100% volunteer at this dream job yet my cup overflows.  I know God gave me these desires in my heart eight years ago and even years before that. God is fulfilling my dream in His time, in His way, for His glory.

For those of you who think your dream has to be your day job- it does not.
Don't wait-run after the dream God gave you anyway. Serve others, find your identity in Him there and watch Him grow you. What a better way to use your free time than to glorify God and grow closer to Him. 

For those who don't have a dream yet- He has made you a dream before you were born- ask Him to reveal it to you, patiently. You are made for more than just making it through life- you are!

For those who are in the nitty gritty trenches of parenting sweet, little needy children.
Do not give up your dream, for them and for you. Persue it in the two minutes per day or per week you have and pray God increases the passion and fire. The work you are doing now is so vital.

For those of you who feel like your dream is lost, it is not. God may just be redirecting you. Throughout the eight years when I wrote those dream job words above there were many times I thought it would never happen. I felt like giving up. Don't. Use each setback as a stepping stone to the next part of your journey.

For those who are already running after the dream God put in your heart and you are exhausted, weary, and feeling inadequate... Keep going because He is working. He will equip you. He is faithful and good and wants to give you the desires of your heart.

I am in the "exhausted, weary, and want to give up" phase but I also can see the horizon of this God sized dream coming to pass.  I can hear Jesus beckoning me to come deeper. . . I am going to say yes, with His help, yes I will follow. Will you?

When you are feeling like quitting- use this verse. Please print it out and put in nearby. 


  1. Amen! Here are some words I listen when I need a hot in the arm to keep following the dreams God laid on my heart :)

    Be well!


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