#makehimroom: Solitude

If you are just joining us, check out Why Advent first. 

Wait? What?
What is solitude?
I am a mom. I cannot even go to the bathroom for 30 seconds alone.
This week is going to be impossible.
Yep, I agree. It's gonna be hard.
Just like silence was hard- but I grew. I can hear God's voice a little clearer.
Just like slowing was super, super hard-but I grew.  I recognize more so when my pace is too fast and purposefully slow it down a little.
Solitude is gonna be hard. It's likely gonna need to wait until the last little person's eyelids are shut at the end of a long day. You are going to be tempted to plop on the couch (totally fine) and turn on the television, get online, or read a book. Me too.
Instead, listen to God whisper to you, beckoning you to come near.
Daughter, sweet daughter of mine, come be with me for a minute. I want to be with you.
Let me hold you and fill up those empty places. Let me take care of you and love on you.
Will you let Him tonight momma?

During Christmas we are surrounded by people. Busy malls, Christmas parties, family over for dinner, people are everywhere. The person we are celebrating, Jesus, only wants us to draw near to Him. You know how you love your kids? He loves us like that-but more. You know how you want to just BE with your kids? Jesus wants to just BE with you momma. Time alone together with Jesus in solitude is where our hearts meet with Him, where His Spirit works and breathes new life into us. Where no one is watching and He can be face to face with us and where nothing else matters and we can be our true selves. When we feel lonely, unrecognized, and lost in our role as mothers- in solitude with Jesus we can be refreshed and He can speak to us our true identity in Him. His daughter first. In solitude, you can better recognize you are not alone.

Here are some ways this week us moms, who are always being touched and who are never alone can practice this and grow this advent season.

After your kiddos are in bed for good- no more water or one more hug kind of sleep- sneak away for just five little tiny minutes before you even sit down so you don't fall asleep. (guilty)
Go to your room or somewhere where you can close the door in silence and be totally alone and unseen. Take a walk alone, take a long shower or bath, Take a deep breathe. Maybe whisper "Here I am God" or simply have an open heart to communing with Him. Journal if you need to, cry, pray, sing, tune yourself into what your heart is crying out but the crowds of people have caused you to hide and push down. "Jesus, I feel ____ today. Please help me." Offer yourself to Him.
Give yourself the actual time and silence and solitude to address and say what your heart already can sense. Sit there with Jesus and let Him speak to you about it. Find five minutes every day this week.

It may be weird at first, it may amount to only being alone and not sensing His Spirit but press on, press in and keep practicing His presence. Finding time to be alone during such a people filled time of year, and to be with the One we are celebrating, will help your heart. It will help your heart settle, refresh and focus on Jesus and your relationship with Him. How are you to know who you truly are if you are never alone with yourself? With your Savior? Relationships cannot thrive this way. Only in solitude can you truly refresh your soul and spend time with the lover of your soul- just the two of you, unseen and unheard by anyone else. Only in solitude as Nouwen says, can community begin.

Don't forget to check in on Instagram under #makehimroom after your solitude time so we can see how you spent it. Feel free to tell us there what you learned that you want to share.

"We are so afraid of silence that we chase ourselves from one event to the next in order to not have to spend a moment alone with ourselves, in order to not have to look ourselves in the mirror." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer


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