#makehimroom: Slowing

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It's Sunday morning and church starts in 11 minutes.
I still need to get three small boys to children's church, strap the baby in the Ergo carrier, and rush over to the main sanctuary before worship time ends. Hurry boys, rush, go, go, go!
After church I rush them to the van to get home before the baby melts down from wanting her bottle. I am waiting for my husband to get home from work so I can grocery shop in the small three hour time frame before he has to return to work.
Drive faster, walk faster, run people over with my shopping cart, huff, puff, carry all the bags in with one almost broken arm in an effort to go, go, go. I then rush to put away cold items while all the kids are excited to welcome me home and are all talking to me at the same time.
I get irritated, short, and can only think ahead at all the hundreds of things I have to do.
I rush past them.
You know what? I rushed past them and I missed it.
One of my five year olds wanted to show me he could write something.
You know what he wrote? On a church envelope he wrote, "God is good."
My heart sunk.
He was now sad that I brushed him off and the joy drained from his face.
I was so worried about rushing to the future that I missed the present. I missed it.
Have you been there momma? Me too, so many times.
This Advent Christmas season, I do not want to miss this present moment.
He is Emmanuel, God with us. God with us. 
He is here, His spirit is dancing amongst us whispering, singing to us and we are too busy to notice.
So, how do we slow down in this busy, hurried, world where busy is a badge of honor?
How do we slow down our racing minds that just cause us anxiety? How do we live now- not just planning for the future or regretting the past?

First, take a deep breathe- really-take one right now.
Does your heartbeat feel a little slower? If not, take a few more before you read on.

This week as we focus on slowing down there are a few things we can do to be in this present moment,
1) Get up a few minutes earlier so you are not rushing around before work. Go to bed earlier tonight. Just start with 5 minutes and grow from there.
2) Park in the farthest parking spot at work. Drive in the slower lane. Walk slow and breathe deeply as you walk into school, work, or work at home. Get in the longest line at the store.
3) Speak slower, eat slower, drink your coffee slower. Focus on slower.
4) Plan for extra time between stuff, take items off your calendar that are not musts, breathe deeply.
It seems so weird doesn't it? When the world says go faster, go slower. Take notice of small stuff. Breath slower. Just be.

"Be still and know that I am God." Pslam 46:10

I urge you to print out the "slowing" image above here and put it on your fridge, desk or by the kitchen sink. You will need the reminder, I will too. This is the hardest one for me but you know what will happen momma when you slow your roll? 

Your heart, your anxiousness, your tight muscles in your neck, your racing mind will all relax little by little. You will be in the present moment. You will enjoy your life more. Your kids will notice. Your advent Christmas season will not rush past you but you will see each moment. You will feel the hope rising. You will sense His peace. You will anticipate and long for His arrival. You have learned to wait well in the slowness. To be still and let Him be God.  You won't miss those beautifully handwritten, "God is good" by your five year old. You will notice the brightness in your babies eyes, the magic of Christ's presence in the glow of the tree, the soul filling laughter when your kids decorate cookies. It will all just be deeper and fuller.
Slow down momma. Slow down. Enjoy this present moment. Make Him room in your heart this season.

PS=Don't forget to post pictures on Instagram when something reminds you of slowing down during this advent season. When you feel that you have been in that present moment- share it with us after it is over with hashtag #makehimroom.


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