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If you are just joining us, check out Why Advent Matters first.

We lit the fourth candle tonight. Christmas is only five sleeps away!!!!
My kids cannot contain their utter excitement and joy, they are literally running around the house screaming. Half naked. I am serious. Sugar cookies and Christmas parties are to blame here too. Still, the excitement in their little hearts is palpable. They are ready to celebrate. Are you?

The clock is ticking. Your to-do list seems to be growing despite crossing things off.  Yet, among the shopping and wrapping and baking and last minute touches, I can still feel the joy stirring in my soul more as each day approaches. Though the world is full of darkness as of late, still, still I can feel the Light is coming. Jesus, our Light, is breaking through the darkness in so many places throughout the world. In hearts, in minds, in places only He can go.

God created celebration. He delights in you. He is the giver of joy, laughter, celebration, hope and delight. Just remember heaven is a constant celebration. A constant worship of all that is good and right and beautiful in Jesus Christ. Celebration can be reserved, it can be loud, it can be reflective. Celebration does not depend on perfect or happy circumstances. Celebration is about deep, inner joy and about hope in Him.  Nehemiah 8 says, "This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength."  His joy makes us strong. It makes us strong because this Christmas could be the hardest one we have ever faced, yet, yet joy can be found. That joy makes us strong.

We could grieve knowing we live in a sin filled, harsh and cold world where the news is nothing but sadness. We could and it is okay to at times. But, but the joy of the Lord can make us strong. Paul praised God in prison. Job never gave up God would bless him despite his whole family dying.  Jeremiah talked about his soul being downcast yet he had hope and God's mercy was new every morning. Dig down deep, under that grief or sadness. Keep company with God and no matter what the circumstance, He will burst forth with an inner joy. He is our hope. His Light is coming. Jesus is coming! Our King. He sent His son here to be our guiding light. Our hope. Our joy. Find that this season.

Laugh, listen to music, dance, sing, party with friends, worship, pray, serve others, do what makes your heart glad. He delights in you. He delights in you delighting in Him. Delight. Celebrate. Enjoy. Notice the light in your kids eyes. Run with them half naked around the house screaming, eat those sugar cookies, and show them the way to delighting in the Lord. Emmanuel, God with us. Celebrate Him this week. "Celebration brings joy into life, and joy makes us strong."-Richard Foster

PS- join us on Instagram #makehimroom with your celebration pics! This week will be a fun one! :)


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