The Idyllic Summer Break: When Frustration is Bubbling Up

We've all been there, haven't we?
It's the first day of summer break and you have all the kids.
You think, "I'm gonna make this the best summer for them!" You dream of sprinkler runs, fireflys being caught, time in the tree house, beach trips and picnic lunches. You will be smiling, resting in an adirondack chair while they play and the summer breeze blows. Ah so idyllic

Day one starts. 
It's 7:23 am and you have already broken up a brother fight. It's cool, it's cool. I'm shaking it off. You start out the day determined to stay in control. To stay connected to them. To not yell.
The morning keeps going okay. They spilled Cheerios all over the floor. They fought over a toy, again.  You think, "it's fine, I can handle this." 
It escalates
They fight again. Someone refuses to pick up a mess. You can feel the patience draining from your very being. Flushing out. You are filling up with frustration. You are wearing down. Moment by annoying moment. You keep trying to maintain control.  Trying to shake it off. Trying to redirect them to positive behavior. 
Then someone pees their pants and the baby is crying. The straw that breaks the camels back, right? The bubbling anger begins. Then, then each movement they make that is wrong gets an eye roll or "no." You start bubbling over.
You yell. You put in time out when it really may not deserve it. You are unhappy. They misbehave. It gets worse.
Your idyllic summer is NOT going as planned and it's only day one. 
You were trying so, so very hard today to keep it together. To stay happy. To stay calm and in control. 

Days here with four kids ages 5,5,3 and a 3 month old seem to drag on days like this and 5:20 when my husband gets home cannot seem to come fast enough. I need to breath. I need to get something done. I'm bubbling over. 

I don't want my days to be like this. I don't want my kids to see me like this. I don't want my husband to come home to this. So what's the solution?

Give up. 
Give up that idyllic summer. The idyllic, perfect looking home. The idyllic mom.
Give it stinkin' up.

Settle for "good enough."

Then, run to Jesus. Run to Him when you can feel that bubbling begin. Run fast.
Your kids, your husband, your soul exist to love. When you and me run to Jesus when the temperature rises, He promises to be our perfect peace. Our calming Savior. Our joy. Breathe Him in.

That perfect, idyllic summer will have a few memories for your kids but what will really, truly stick with them is how they were loved. You love well. You were made to love. Made to love these kids specifically. That's it. That's it. Show them. Make it the idyllic summer of LOVE. The rest will flow and fun will ensue. 

The fighting, the spills, the toy mess, the inability to be quiet. Yeah- I get it. It's annoying. But it's life. It's life being lived and how we react to it,how we love them through it, grows them and us. Give up your perfect plans. 
Your kids are tiny sinners. You are a big one. 
Stuffs gonna happen. So when it does- show them love, show them Jesus, pray with them, pray while they play. Keep Jesus as your play date partner. All day e'ryday. 

Here is what Collosians 3:14 says, "But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection."

So you want that idyllic, perfect summer for your kids? Put on love. Above everything else. 


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