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My girl. She is growing just too, too quickly.
This last babe has a way about her that just makes me feel like her tiny newborn baby status has just slipped away between my fingers. Never before have I wanted it to go so slowly. Knowing she is my last bitty baby to snuggle makes it oh so bittersweet. With the twins and Ethan I was on survival mode.
I still sort of am but in a bit more of an experienced sort of way.
I have never nursed a babe so long or so sweetly.
I have never had a baby girl whose eyes just light up when they look into mine.
I have never felt so full of sweet love than I do with these four small souls.
Just a short and sweet post marking the night my last baby moved into a crib. In our room of course but still.
Goodbye newborn stage.

Honestly with love,


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