Word Hurricane

It's solace for me.
Needless to say, after having baby K less than three months ago I have yet to write.
Also, needless to say I have felt no solace.
I have felt...let's say more and more out of control. More and more like the words are a wind storm swirling around me. Words I can't yet make sense of. 
Out of order. Out of time. Out of words. Out of myself. Out.

I can feel a bit of myself resurfacing from the abyss of adding a child to the family and going back to work transition. A bit.

These are the most words I can share in one sitting. There is so much to say. The words are all circling like a hurricane and soon, soon they will all settle and I will piece them together to make sense of this time and share it with you. Once the storm settles. 
More to come. More to come. 

Honestly with love,



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