Wise Women Build

It was 1am and I was getting up to pee, again.
This is what women who are nine months pregnant do all-night-long.
My Bible was sitting in the bassinet by my bed and "proverbs 14" popped in my head. 
I thought, sure. I'll read it real quick.
I read it...
The wise women builds her house,
But with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.
Needless to say, I couldn't get it out of my mind.

Immediately, I had a vision of building Lincoln logs.
As you build the house, you need to be slow, patient, intentional and have endurance. Those logs can be testy. A steady hand is required. It is way too easy to knock down the whole house and have to start again. 
It's the same with motherhood.
I believe God put this verse in the female tense for a specific reason.

As mommas, we set the tone for the attitude in our house.
Notice it? You are crabby and yelling, they are too.
You are quiet, happy and patient, they tend to be too.
You throw a fit, they react.
They model what they see. They become what they see.

A wise woman builds her house.
She builds it.
It takes kind words when you feel like yelling.
It takes patience when you are already 15 minutes late for school.
It takes faith when you feel like you are not getting through to them.
It takes endurance when you have been working all day and dinner isn't made.
It takes snuggles and kisses when you have a to do list haunting you.
It takes purpose when you'd rather let them watch television but the Bible needs opened.
It takes encouragement when they were teased at school or feel left out.
It takes sweat, it takes tears, it takes a builders plan from the Master Jesus.
Building a house, a home, a swelling heart takes guts. Guts. You have it momma. You do.
You can build your house, log by log, along with your kids hearts every single day.
A house that's warm, comfy, and a soft place to fall.
With her own hands a foolish one tears hers down.
Her own hands. 
Ouch. Guilty.
Too many times I have knocked down that Lincoln log house for no good reason.
It's too easy isn't it?
To yell. To hurry them. To let the noise take over. To let the whining push you over the edge.
And boom.
You make a sudden move in frustration and it all comes falling down.
All that purpose, love, and intention we have been building comes crashing down. 


Foolish. I let myself, my temper, those little annoyances take over some days. I do.
I'm not teaching or modeling to them how to deal with life when I react this way. I am teaching them to tear down their houses too.

Tell you what I'm gonna do momma. 
I'm gonna print this verse out and put it on my kitchen window sill.
In the center if my home, my heart.
As an ever present, ever beautiful reminder.
A wise woman BUILDS
A foolish one tears hers down with her own hands
With her own hands.

I don't want to start over. I want to keep building. Every day. Moment by moment making that choice.
Only by Gods grace, Gods leading, Gods ever present, brilliant love. 

Now I don't care if you are working on siding or drywall or if you have no foundation or building plan. 
Start today. Begin to build up your home. Set the tone, the model for your children and husband. Start the builders legacy. Start the blue print for a grace filled, loving home. 
Don't let foolishness take over. When you feel it creeping up- breathe in deep, real deep and say this verse over and over. And then one more time. I'll be joining you, glancing at my kitchen window sill likely the same time as you. 
Let's go momma, let's go build our house today. 

Honestly with love,


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