Mom Brain on Overflow

It's adding up.
The things that have gone wrong in my day are like dirty dishes stacking up on the counter.
So, so many dirty dishes in a tall, skinny pile that they are teetering. The leaning tower of Pisa.
Balancing on the edge. The edge of my sanity.
I am barely holding it together today. The plates are about to crash.

A fourth morning woken far, far too early by a demanding toddler.
Messing up a few policies at work.
Trying to fix them while also working with walk-ins.
A messy house littered with toys, swimming trunks, and half eaten grapes.
Three whiny toddlers who refused to nap today and are now whine-pots.
A boo-boo that won't give in to the band-aid making it feel better.
Dinner needs cooked.
A back yard with toys as far as the eye can see.
A two year old with bright green poopy in his underwear, an earache and he won't let me leave him alone in the bathroom while we have been at the dinner table trying to get them to all eat something for the past 42 minutes.

These are a few of my plates just from today. 
There are still stack of dirty ones from a few days ago.
My brain feels full. As I walk in cookie crumbs to sit on the couch to take a writing break I realize I need some perspective. I need to take a break and do some dishes. Not literally, figuratively.

Ever feel so filled up with all the junk of the day and don't make time to unload it? Then you do that again the next day, and the next? Then you start messing up stuff, feeling overwhelmed too easily, and are on overflow. Me too friend, me too. We mommas need to take better care if ourselves every day. Better care so we don't overflow gunk. 

Here are a few things that always steer me back on course. I will be working a few of them as soon as I finish writing this post:
Writing ;) check
Reading the Bible, a book or a blog
A good, hot shower and some music
Conversation and quality time with my husband
Cleaning up my house or at least the living room and kitchen 
Making a list of the big things for the week (just to get it out of my head)
Organizing something (just so I feel accomplished)
Yoga, prayer time and deep breathing (I enjoy doing them all together)

Ah this list already is making me feel a little less stressed. I have begun washing the proverbial stack of dishes already.  It is so peaceful and I can feel my heart is a tad less pressured already. No more stress and ditz brain will overflow I hope.
Pslam 23 says that The Lord restores our soul. Do you believe that today? I know when I miss a day or a few days of time with Jesus or of the stuff above, I can really feel it.
What about you? What do you do after a hard day to reconnect? How do you best connect with God? How do you make it a priority?

Questions for myself. I'd love feedback friends :)

Colossians 1:17 says, "He is before all things, and in him all things hold together."

He holds us together tonight. He does. 

Honestly with love,


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