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It'll be eleven years since I walked down the aisle to my gorgeously dark haired, tan skinned, blubbering with tears husband.
I feel just a lil' old today girls.

When I was 28 I had no children.
When I was 30 I had three. Yikes.
What a quick, feisty shift occurred during that season of life. My, my.

Check out this article I got to write for the awesome Twiniversity about how we somehow survived and grew our marriage with three babes within 14 months. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention that without Jesus as the very center of our marriage these 11 years, I cannot fathom how we would have made it. I just cannot. We had lots of 2am blurry eyed hugs and prayers during those first two years of babies and we sometimes just prayed in silence. 

Opening our hearts to Christ's love for us on a daily basis, purposely growing towards Him and learning from Him; we can experience how to love each other selflessly. Christ has shown us true, honest, fulfilling love and now we can do the same. May you sense God's brilliance and beauty in your marriage today friend. May your heart feel full knowing that you can meet with, learn from and love on Him today too. 

Momma friend, if you need Jesus today- please email me, talk to a trusted Pastor or friend. Jesus is real. Jesus is a cup overflowing of love beyond words. Jesus is a healer of marriages.

Happy reading!!

Honestly with love,


  1. Ah! I love that line: lovers first, co-workers second!

    1. Me too!!! It just came to me. Perfect!! :)


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