Mood Shift Meme

Why Not?

Why not make my own little cute meme? Why not I say....

You know how you just have that feeling? In your gut? You can sleep standing up, you want to eat all the things, you want to snap because your husband accidentally brushed you as he walked by. You hold it in. You try to control yourself. You cry at the Pampers commercial. You know it is coming....

As the kind, warm girl I am I thought it fitting to warn my husband of what I could feel brooding.  A warning that all the words coming from his mouth, no matter how lovely and sympathetic, will not be right. They will be wrong. WRONG. 

Standing in the kitchen, he was about to pass me by and accidentally brush me and so I sang this worship song, Revival, we sing in church regularly to warn my dear, sweet husband.  I sang it and we both started cracking up laughing. I thought I would share this to lighten what may or may not be brooding in your loins and to protect husbands everywhere.

Honestly with Love,



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