Engaging in Motherhood

Being a momma to twins is gloriously fearful and lovely all wrapped up. 
Twiniversity.com has invaluable resources. 
Check out this article I had the opportunity to write for them.

My first published article?! 
Why am I all teary eyed? My heart so full? Why do I feel like I have just given birth? (Just a little) never did I expect to feel this flood of emotions from sharing my writing with more than my small sphere of friends. As someone whose secondary love language is words of affirmation, the love that has been poured over me today with your kind words has truly filled my cup overflowing. I am drenched. I feel so undeserving. 

I write as mom therapy. I write to teach myself. I write so maybe one more momma doesn't feel alone or that she is doing a bad job. I write to commune with Jesus. I write through teary, stingy eyes on some days and through belly laughs on others. I write. If you haven't tried it friend, I dare you. 

Honestly with love,


  1. Rachel- I love how you carve out time for yourself for writing! Congrats on the article! I love dares! I also write another blog at www.kelrohlf.wordpress.com where today we are linking up with Random Journal Day...just thought you might like to meet some other fellow writers. Enjoy!


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