Five Minute Friday: JOY

Write for five minutes about a subject. Just pour out honesty. Mom therapy this thing. Lisa Jo Baker's word for the fmf is : JOY

Looking into my husbands eyes when we are speaking with out words. We smirk, we know. Our souls touch. Joy.

Holding my three year olds hand as we go down stairs to find his transformer he misplaced. He spouts out, "mom, I love you." Joy.

The moment I found out I was pregnant with twins. Bubbly, shoulder squeezing, hand shaking joy from deep in my soul. Joy.

When my two year old reaches out for me when I have missed his soft cheek on my shoulder. It is what seems like an eternity since I have held him while I was working, he still wants me. Joy.

Watching my boys play together, imagine and create. Witnessing their bright eyes and their brains discovering and lighting up. Realizing the deep connection brothers can have. Joy.

As I breathe out a sigh on a Sunday when I managed to get all three toddlers dressed and buckled in the van and I don't have peanut butter on me anywhere. I get to go to church! No one is sick! Joy.

In the stillness of the morning, I open my eyes and quietly make my way to the treadmill to see how far I can go. I go. I finish to the sounds of my family's breakfast noises. Joy.

When I meet with Jesus. When I read his words and I can sense him whispering to me sweet and brilliant songs of love. Joy.

When I still have one cup of coffee left. When I pour our my brain onto my blog. When my house is picked up. Family movie night. Wide open windows. Art. Beauty. Creating things. Truly connecting with people. Joy.

What's your joy?


  1. So great! I love that you found all the joys that are simultaneously small and major at the same time. Found you on FMF

    1. Thanks shontell! The little ones are often the big ones it seems. First FMF, it was fun!! :)

  2. Stopping by from FMF- loving all of your examples of joy. Sometimes it really is the little things in life :)

    1. Happy FMF Stephsspot! Fun reminder of all things we often forget about that are joys. :)


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