Come Away for a Moment

Okay momma friend with that heavy load. 

I see you. 
I feel you there.

Come away with me for just a moment.
Let's sneak away to a place where it's just you and your thoughts.

Hopefully your littles are all safely snuggled in their racecar beds and Doc McStuffin pajamas.
Hopefully they are making sweet, soft sigh noises and not asking for water or talking to themselves like mine.

If it's just mid-day and you are weary and worn and need fresh strength- run to the bathroom for just three minutes and thirty-nine seconds and lock the door. Lock it. Ignore the tiny, peanut butter laced fingers under it.

When you get there, take a deep breath first.

Okay. Good.

Now I want you to close your eyes and push play on this video. 
Well, close your eyes after you click play of course. (Wink)
Listen to every word. Every word.
Your Abba Father has written you, yes you, a very special song.
Listen to it, sink into it, let it fill your gut with warmth and love. 
Let out your sighs. Drop your load.

Buy this album from the beautiful Jill Phillips and play it over and over. 
When you need fresh strength and when you don't. 
Think of this song when you comfort your tiny human souls in that rocking chair with soft cheeks on your chest.
Think of how Christ is doing the same for you.  
Think of how you model Christ to them.

Gently lay your head upon his chest
He will comfort you like a Father while you rest.

Honestly with love,
Rach xoxo

Ps- I looove to hear from you. Comments are welcomed and cherished :)


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