I am....

Who are you as a person?

Do you know?
Has anyone ever told you?
Spoken life into your bones?
Spoken truth?
Spoken pain?

What our parents say about us, saddening or fulfilling, defines who we think we are as people.
What we hear them say about us, writes upon our hearts. Whether to our face or overheard. It whispers to our souls years and years after the words are spoken.

In moments of brokenness, there those words bubble up.

What words did you hear? What words are your kids hearing?

You are so annoying.
You are so mean.
You are such a procrastinator.
You are so selfish.

He is so stubborn.
He is such a whiner.
She is so emotional.
She just can't do anything right.
He is so shy.
He is such a scardy cat.
She is so angry.
She is such a mess.

I will not let these sorts of words penetrate the hearts of my sons.
I will speak life into their bones. 
I will tell them who they are.
I will tell them until they can see for themselves who God created them to be.
I will not let negativity fill those places. I will not.
I will also not leave that place barren so they simply do not know who they are.
We often believe what people say about us to an extent and it is far to easy to become those very things. 
Children will become who you tell them they are.

When someone says to me, "He is so stubborn." I simply say "he is a strong boy who knows what he wants." 
"He is so mean to his brothers" I replace with a "he loves his brothers, and is a very kind boy. He is just not making good choices right now." 
Do not tell my boy who he is. If his actions are wrong, call them that- his actions. 

When Ethan, 2, says, "I a mean boy" I tell him, "Ethan is a nice, sweet boy down to his heart."
I do not want him to believe for a second he is a mean person. That path leads to destruction.

Bowman boys are brave, kind and strong. 


This is what I am filling their tiny hearts with. This and the truths of Jesus. 
Over, and over and over again.


These words may morph over time. 
This does not mean I do not correct my children's wrong behavior. It just directs them to knowing who they are, what actions those kind of people take and what words they speak. Knowing that we are not perfect people, but created in God's image, with His help we can become who He created us to be. Who does Jesus say you are? 

I will speak life.
Will you?

Those who guard their lips preserve their lives,
    but those who speak rashly will come to ruin. Proverbs 13:3

Gentle words are a tree of life;

    a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:4


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