Husband Love

This guy.
This guy and I walked some muddy valleys and seen some mighty tall mountains together.
When we face new roads I think back to what God has brought us through.
What we have held hands through these past eighteen years reminds me Gods hand is always upon me.

When we were 15 we were forbidden to see one another.
He got cancer. We stuck together anyway.
We found Jesus on the same exact day. Independence Day 1996.
He got better. He found Jesus, guitar, and love. 
I found Jesus, art and love. We grabbed hands and never looked back.
We went away to college, got married four weeks later.
We bought our first house one year later.
We got real jobs. We fought. We laughed. We learned about house maintenance and crazy neighbors.
We got a dog. We hoped for a baby.
Baby never came.
We bought a bigger house. We didn't lose hope
He held me when I cried. He took care of the house when all I could do was cry on the couch. He prayed. He loved. He felt it too. 
His friend prayed, "babiessss" over us as I read Genesis 30:22.
He came to all my appointments, gave me countless shots, we saw failures, we felt pain.
He held my hand, he looked in my eyes when we had faith one last, final attempt.
We got pregnant with twins after seven years. He rubbed my back and did dishes every night. While getting his master degree and working full time.
He took care of me on weeks of bed rest and preterm labor hospital visits.
He rushed me to the ER when I got Preeclampsia.
He was the first one to hold our babies.
He took care of twins alone when I had gallbladder surgery five weeks later.
He got me pregnant five months after the twins.
He kept doing dishes and rubbing my back. (He owed me by now... ;) )
He worked one or two jobs on top of his full time ministry to make ends meet, still does.
He wrote a book. He became a pastor. He loves and leads people to Jesus, and leads by example.
He did dishes at midnight after my huge cupcake orders.
He still rubbed my back. He loved me fiercely. He loved our boys just as much.
He is my joy. 
He is my annoyance on some days. But always, my joy.
He truly listens, truly loves and inspires me to more.
This guy. I cannot say enough. I cannot see the road ahead, which honestly drives me nuts. He is the calm to my crazy. The sugar to my coffee...well you get it. 
I know for sure God has never failed us before. I also know His plan is always wilder and greater and more brilliant than anything I could ever think of or ask for.
Thank you Jesus for sending me this guy to walk life with. Just thank you.

And these kiddos are pretty great too. Grateful.

Honestly with Love,

Check out his blog here.

Ps--I fear the prank he may pull on me for posting this zoo lander magnum face I found!! Haaaaa


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