bacon meltdown

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


My sweet, sweet boy.
We rarely eat bacon in this house.

Tonight, he thought "I shall eat like a king. Two pieces of bacon all to myself..."
When he asked for more, this was the result.

What kind of mother am I that in lieu of comforting my distraught child I decided to grab the video camera. An HONEST one, that is what.

One who wants to share with all you other mommas that your toddler is NOT the only one who throws fits over every single cherry pickin' thing. Every single one on some days. This is real life friends. Perfect disciplinarian parent or not, this happens. Heck, I feel like this sometimes when I have had a rough day and we are out of chocolate.

Tough Tuesday, this brought me some laughter despite the chaos.
Bedtime's comin' momma!

honestly with love,

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