A Gentle Whisper

I hate it.
I'm not good at it.
Funny how god out in His plan for me to wait SEVEN years to get married and another SEVEN to have kids. You think I'd be a pro by now. I am not. Oh my I am not.

Example one- I took three toddlers to a follow up appointment Monday. We waited in the waiting room 40 minutes and the office another 15. WITH THREE TODDLERS!
I could physically feel anger bubbling up. I was gonna tell that doctor how mad I was. I was starting to snip at my kids. I mean- if I can't wait that long how on earth can I expect them to?
I'm gonna switch doctors I said.
I'm gonna tell her how irritated I am I said.
I'm gonna stomp my feet I said.

When she came in, I just smiled and nodded. Steam coming from both ears I was polite.
I left the doctors office and we all made it. We were alive. 
I was handed a booger from under the chair from my middle one- but we were alive. We will lilkely be back next week with colds from said booger.

That all being said. Tonight I was reflecting about how I love waiting. I thought to myself- but I am the most impatient person in the world. Where in Gods green earth did that thought even come from?

I heard Him whisper gently, "that is where I meet you. In the waiting."

Wow, God. Just wow. 

Thinking about that tonight....That is all.



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