Waiting in Wonder

Ad-vent (noun) 
// The arrival of a notable person or event.

Example: Before the advent of television kids played outside.
The advent of Elmo on stage caused the children to roar.

Okay mommas, let's try to go back to some memories here. (I know foggy mom brain makes it tough- but let's try) ;)

This feeling...When you have a tiny, wiggling human growing in your womb. You are stretching, they are hiccuping and the anticipation of seeing what they look like just drives you crazy? Good crazy? So excited crazy that you talk high pitch, get that lump in your throat and squeeze your shoulders together? Yeah that.

Sit there in that feeling for a moment.

Now go back two thousand years.
There was young pregnant Mary. She felt that with baby Jesus in her womb. She wondered what color his eyes would be. Her heart smiled with expectancy. With joy.

Remember when you began preparing for baby? You mulled over what decor the nursery would be. What rocker you would have, what would be baby's first blanket, first outfit home. You filled the drawers with clothes, the crib with blankets and your heart just filled and filled and filled every moment you thought of him. You were preparing for baby's arrival. 

Now go back two thousand years.
Mary probably had grand ideas of where her Jesus would sleep, what he would wear, who would be there for his birth. She prepared for him. She prepared months in advance. 

Remember the fear your heart held. The fear you would not be enough. The fear of not having a stinking clue what you were doing. The fear you would miss something or forget. You rested, you cleaned, you cried at commercials, you prepared names, you got up to pee every hour the last few weeks. Your mind was a whirlwind. 

Now go back two thousand years. Mary was scared. She was not even married to Joseph and likely was ridiculed and looked down on. She worried. She cried. She wondered if she was enough.

Just as a pregnant mother prepares for the arrival of her child, so should we prepare.  We wait with wonder and awe. Wait, wait and wait more. He has us waiting just so our hearts can prepare. Prepare for something bigger than you, something miraculous and glorious. Prepare for the arrival of the celebration of Christs birth. Advent. The arrival of a notable person or event.

December is a crazy month. Parties, gifts to buy, decorate the tree, bake, whirlwind , whirlwind, whirlwind. Is this want Jesus would have wanted? Are we throwing him a party he doesn't want? 

Let's take in a deep, cool, soul filling breath right now.
Go ahead.

Now look around, look within. Jesus wants to be with you. He wants to celebrate with you. That's why He came. Let us prepare our hearts for his arrival by quieting our minds, doing less, and enjoying the sparkly warm moments with those we love. Don't go all pintresty on me. Just love. Just be simple. Just go back to that feeling of anticipation before baby comes. That wonder. That joy. Be present in your moments. Just be still. 

So I challenge you this December. 


Prepare your heart for Him. 

Try it. Dare ya. 

Looking forward to December's advent gifts, I will join you.

May your December be filled with wonder, joy and expectancy.



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