My Blonde Baby: looking for an answer

This blonde baby has given me more scares and more laughs as of late.
When he looks in my eyes and does his deep belly laugh, he just grabs my heart and fills it right up. He has this twinkle that cannot be denied. He was my surprise baby. He is still my surprise baby. 
Ethan does things far beyond his years and stretches my understanding of toddlers to the limit.

Two weeks ago he woke up at 10:58pm with a croup bark. Most cases if croup can be taken care of at home. Not this baby. We ran up to get him and his tiny lungs were pushing deep into his chest, gasping for air. His little lips were turning blue, he was trying to scream and we was full of fear.   Paul threw on some clothes and I rushed him to the car. I kissed his forehead, did the sign of the cross on his head and they sped to the emergency room. The minute I got inside my knees hit the floor and I just wept. My body shook as my heart was breaking thinking of the terror in my baby's eyes. I thought the worst. I cried out to Jesus that night. Every minute waiting to hear from the ER seemed like an hour.  Finally at 11:42 I got the first text, "he is starting to breath a lil better." Ahh sweet, sweet relief my baby is okay.

Ethan scared the ER nurses, that is tough. He was admitted to the hospital for croup until dinner time the next day. He has had croupe 6 times this year and just was in the ER for it 3 weeks prior and was admitted for it a few months prior.  There is something wrong here. After lots of doctor visits and toddler blood tests (not fun) we made it to a specialist in Wilmington.  He has been on steroids and nebulizers the past 2 and a half weeks for the sixth time. Steroids turn two year olds into hungry, cranky, non listeners. 
All of this to say my baby is going under anesthesia. My two year old baby. 
My heart drops a little when I think if it. I trust God will protect him. My momma heart just can't handle my blonde baby being under heavy drugs and out of my hands.  Please breathe a prayer for baby Ethan Friday, Novemebr 8th. Peace, healing and courage to him and  Paul and I. May we find the answer for his recurring croup so I don't have to sleep in fear every night he will wake up not breathing. May it be an easy fix. May he not be scared or upset.

My blonde little baby Ethan, no more scares. Just more laughs. More laughs baby. :)

Look at that smile...


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