When Life is Cozy

Cool rain was roaring on the roof above me as a slight breeze came in through my window this morning.

All was quiet. 
It was 745 - an unprecedented sleeping in. Joy! 

Rolling out of bed I put some cinnamon rolls in the oven just to return to my warm bed and enjoy the silence for a few more moments. The silence quickly turned into three boys jumping in their beds and laughing. 

Today was one of those days you just know you will treasure forever. You want to take in every moment. You can feel it in the air, you can almost touch it. Memories will be made today.

We ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast in our pajamas, went to Target to play with toys, ate lunch together and we all took a nap while daddy lulled us to sleep with his guitar. We baked cookies while it rained, had pizza for dinner, made forts, jumped on the couch, played mommy monster, took nice warm baths then had a movie night with popcorn. We read books, we snuggled, we laughed til we could laugh no more. We joked, we talked about Jesus, we tickled, we rocked to sleep.

These are those moments. 
Those moments you dream about when you think of how your family will be. 
I got to live there today. I got to be their momma. I got to be his wife. 

God wrapped his arms around our family today and gave us a treasured gift. The gift of a Sabbath day together. A day of rest. A day to just be cozy together. I know there will be many more of these days in our future. But today, they were three and two. Next time they will be older. Today our home was filled with grace, warmth, deep joy and replenishment. Today we celebrated the present moment. 

When days are filled with warm cookies and cozy hugs or when they are filled with messes and tantrums- be present, be aware. They each are necessary and each have purpose. Take a piece from those warm, peaceful and soul filling days and place it in those draining ones. Take yourself back there, take a deep breath of it and blow it into your difficult days. An environment of warmth, grace and affection. 

My cup overflows today. May my children's hearts be as full of love today as mine is. 
Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

Peace and joy, 


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