Pastor Appreciation Day

It's Pastor Appreciation Day today.

It's so heartwarming that the church celebrates pastors.  Each Pastor and their family give their entire lives to serving the needs of the people, giving up a job you can earn great money and leave at 5o'clock. Nights, weekends, texts at 2 am, emergency counseling, all while juggling the spiritual, administrative, marketing, public speaking, theological prowess and a few -lets be honest- crazy people. When they leave the church doors, work does not end in fact often begins. It can be exhausting, lonely, and you feel like your job never ends. 

Today, I celebrate my husband. God made him to live this life of ministry. He does it with great grace and simplicity because it flows from the center of who he is. He has a humble, strong and sweet soul that just has this way. This way that drawns you in, makes you feel safe and opens you to Gods graces. A true gift. 

He hones in on his young adults ministry and their souls are sprouting and it's just beauty. He pours into them, invites them into his life, walks alongside them. It's no numbers game here. God gave him a Make-A-Wish guitar 17 years ago that he still uses to lead others into honest, soul filling worship. To write beautiful songs and teach others the gift of music. Spearheading Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Chi Alpha, and Global University classes. He does not get the credit he deserves from anyone for all he does because most of his work is behind the scenes and he is not one for taking credit.i know his reward is in heaven, but today I hand the credit to you Paul. What you do, how you love, who you are matters. You effect people. You let God use you and it's working. 

If you know a Pastor, thank them today for answering that hard call to a life of service. Look at them like the real human being they are. Offer them grace, encouragement and warmth. Cut them some slack, tell them how you have been touched by them, and tell em a good joke. Releive some of the pressure in that cooker of theirs. 

Unable to attend the appreciation night due to a sick child, I write this as a homage to the gracious husband, father and Pastor you are Paul Bowman. Hats off to you dear. Hats off. 

This guy...sigh :) xo


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