The Dream, the Man, and the Call

You know before you get married and you think, "it won't be that different when we marry, we have been together forever..." And then you get married and something shifts? Something beautiful? It's like this instant, holy gift. Unspeakable bonded ness.

Today I felt a tiny bit of that again. In a much different life moment than marriage of course.
After seven years of committed, life giving, often dirty, burdensome and consuming work as a pastor- things changed a bit today. My husband took the step of becoming a licensed minister.  It was just a formality I thought but also ended up being something more. A responsibility, a confirmation of his call to ministry, a joining of hands with all the other pastors. 

We went to the PennDel conference center today to interview for this license. They asked me when I knew he was called to ministry among other questions. Interesting location. Interesting question.

Paul and I attended PennDel many times as teenagers for youth camp. The first time we attended together as a couple Paul had cancer. Lets just say we were not living for God, at all. As we attended, I had a dream or vision lets say of Paul with his hands lifted and felt God say, "he will be healed if he follows me." That night, July 4th 1996 through other turns of events we decided to dedicate our lives to following Jesus. Paul soon after received a red Les Paul guitar from Make-a-Wish foundation.

I knew Paul was called to ministry the first time I saw him lead worship at youth group with that red Les Paul guitar. It's like I could see that vision I saw in my dream all over again in that moment just a few years later. He was healed physically from cancer but God was working on healing and growing him spiritually through that guitar.  The journey started on that stage years ago and progressed to leading worship in college, back at our home church, Air Force Base chapel, and many other places. He is a gifted leader, talented musician, and whole hearted lover of Jesus. The privilege of coming alongside him to encourage, support and be a listening ear in this journey has been a joy. 

The dream, the guitar, the man and the call on his life. All confirmed today by taking another step on our faith journey. What God has in store for him and our family, I cannot fathom. His plans are always far grander than my own. When he accepts this title, our whole family does. To say I am proud of him is an understatement. He has asked I now call him Reverend Bowman, to which I refuse. Endlessly. ;)


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