Baby E's 2nd Birthday Post

His soft, chunky little fingers wrapped around my pointer finger as we walked across the street. He looked up at me, blonde hair and chubby cheeks, and his eyes said, "can I mom?" As he preceded to run to the playground. 

Two short years ago those same soft fingers gripped mine for the very first time. He looked up at me, blonde hair and chubby cheeks, and his eyes said, "you are my mom." As he preceded to snuggle into my armpit. 

God gave you to me as a surprise. A surprise I never knew how much I wanted.  A surprise I couldn't live without. You have grown me into a mom little blonde baby. You talk about motorcycles, helmets and boots every single day. You love to make everyone laugh. You communicate well beyond your years verbally.  You love your brothers and do everything they do.  You love wrestling them and often win. You can already count to ten.  You still have that squishy soft baby feel when I hold you.  You are stubborn. You are my gorgeous, sweet, full hearted and happy baby boy. My love for you is deep and wide, ever growing and never ending.

Happy second birthday Ethan Joseph. 

Favorite memories from your party:
A) opening your motorized lightning McQueen motorcycle and you had a look of sheer shock and joy! Hilarious!
B) as everyone was leaving, you said in your soft sweet voice, "thank you for my toys."
C) you asked specifically for an orange cool cool cake and smiled so big when you got it.


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