Enjoying the little years....or not

"Enjoy it, they grow up fast..."
While good intentioned, and I do agree and enjoy some parts....lets be honest ladies...there are a few facts here:
1) Mom brain has obviously effected your mental ability to remember the little years (understandably-mine too!! Hehe)
2) I simply do not enjoy every moment of my day. The enjoyable times account for about 1 of 12 waking hours on most days. It is those few moments that carry me through the hundred tough ones.
3) My situation is different than most-- three boys within 14 months. Moms with multiple kids have it tough sometimes. 
4) Everything seems better in retrospect.
5) I have no idea what I am doing. I'm working with trial and error here, not exactly enjoyable.
6) My used to be clean, sanctuary of a home currently has a loose grasshopper in it. Thanks boys. It also does not get nearly the attention it deserves, I walk on breakfast crumbs at dinner sometimes, and  I step on army men and hot wheels daily. Ouch!
7) I live in constant fear my wild boys will end up in the ER from their crazy antics...
8) Raising little ones is so consuming that friends, personal time, showers, having nice clothes, getting out of the house, and making it through Target without anyone melting down is sheer luxury folks. Luxury.
9) I sound like I am just complaining, but wait for it...
10) Lest you forget repeating to yourself literally 28 times about the same infraction every.single.day...(amongst time outs and privilege removal)
11) It is easy to loose yourself in your role as mother. As I mature as a young mom (only 3 years in) it gets easier to notice but still difficult to tear away from.
12) Lets not forget that if you just need to buy milk, you have to dress-shoes-coat-carry to the car-buckle in-drive while singing Barney-unbuckle-walk inside-put in cart-say no to every snack and toy in sight-bribe for silence-juggle kids and said milks-buckle back in-drive-unbuckle and bring back inside THREE children! Simply- NO FUN. NOT enjoyable...

So simply put, when people say to enjoy the little years before you know it they will be in college, I truly wonder if those parents REALLY remember toddler years. They remember the good moments, the funny, the fuzzy ones of course. The day to day grind that wears you down to the very core of your being and you feel like you can't sing or play nice ONE more second....yeah they don't remember that part. 

All that being said, those joyful, soul filling, cuddly moments do carry me through and make being a mom in the messy toddler trenches worth it. They are worth every tear I cry in frustration, every fall into my bed, and every 'my arms gonna fall off if I carry you any longer' moment I have. I will give every part of me for them, every part. I often feel I do. They are teaching me more about myself than I ever knew. I cherish the good moments more than anything.  These sweet comments are very true and very lovley but dont beat yourself up if tou dont always feel this way. you are still a good mom. If you ever feel like fake laughing when you hear 'enjoy these moments' you are not alone. Polite laugh and know its the hard times that make those joyful ones so much sweeter. 




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