Beat Up Feet

My three toddler boys (ages newly 3, newly 3 and 21 months) step on my feet at LEAST twelve times per day. Usually more. My 'I can only afford one pedicure per year' feet just got a pedicure and look worn and torn already. My feet have seen some abuse as of late. By six little feet wearing crocs, sneakers, rain boots or nothing but traces of mud. My feet are beat up today, as is my soul and body.
I am just exhausted. 
Did I say I am exhausted?
Breaking up fights, time outs, teaching about sharing, another time out, toys littering the house, potty time, snack time, another fight, putting someone back in time out for getting up, lunch, potty time, nap time, more fighting, running errands with six grabby, whiny hands and a speedy toddler, another time out, yelling, reading, energy draining, stepping on breakfast at 4pm...did I mention I am exhausted? This stuff just wears me down doing it every single day all day. On top of bills and a tight budget, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, working, messes, half done house projects and a fly that will not currently stop buzzing around my head.
I have no answers here today. No lovely, encouraging words. Just a deep breath out along side you tonight. They are all in bed, the house is in shambles and I'm too tired to care. My calendar is too full. My husbands especially is too full. Time to scale back, time to undo, and focus in. 
Relax and breathe deeply with my beat up feet on the couch are my only goals of the night.  May yours be full of peace and pretty feet.



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