Kids:1, Mommy: 0

They win. Three against one.
I am worn down. Spread thin. Overwhelmed today.
My ears may bleed from the whining all day long. All day long.
Picking up the pieces from the day would take that last shred of energy I just can't give.
The mess will stay tonight.
Mothers give, pour out, help, serve, love, and just when they think they are on empty, give some more. Hug your mom today. Thank her. Lord knows today I fell onto the couch the moment bedtime was over tonight. I would do it all over again. I actually will do it all again tomorrow. Ha.
Just like I tell my boys, "when something seems bad, turn it around and find something good."
Today they win, tomorrow watch out boys- mommy will be well rested, prayed up, and ready with the 'caught ya bein' good jar' fun activities, a venti iced coffee and a lot of good intentions.... :)

May your Monday be filled with grace and laughter. May mine too :)


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