To Nurture

Its innate. Little girls cradle their baby dolls and snuggle them at every unheard cry. Women comfort, we nurture, we love from our earliest days. Motherhood is a calling to most women. Having a day of no chores, handprinted toddler cards and extra hugs is just a joy. It is a reminder of how deeply I dig to care for them because of how deeply I love them. They notice. I matter. Among an unshowered mom in sweatpants, laundry, dishes, food on the floor, crayons on the wall and sometimes a weary heart and body is a glow. A glow of joy. Some days I have to dig really deep to find it, but its always there. Some days I have no idea what I am doing as a mom, I compare and get weary. I need to remember I am just the mother they need. You are just the mother your little one needs. God gave them specifically to you. What a treasured gift.  On the weary, inpatient, I can't handle one more mealtime sort of day, still a gift.

As I held my little baby in church today, I remember how hard Mother's Day was for me as someone battling the sorrow and pain of infertility. I also think of all the others who have lost mothers or for whom this day is a bittersweet battle between joy and heartache. All the posts I have seen online and the way I felt in church today made me realize all woman need celebrated. I don't know who to give credit to for my inspiration of "we celebrate" it was just a shared post but I modified it a bit.  We are all mothers in some right or fashion in preparation for where God is taking us. It's a journey.

Today I want to celebrate every stage of motherhood and every valley you may be in. Every valley has a mountain. Every morning has a sunrise.

To the little girl who watches her mommy and learns how to love. We celebrate you.
To the teenager who babysits my children, is learning to care and nurture. We celebrate you.
To the newlywed who dreams of motherhood, watches other moms and patiently waits. We celebrate you.
To the girl who has been trying to get pregnant for what seems like forever and the negative tests are wearing you thin. Find joy. Focus on your Father. We celebrate you.
To the girl getting blood tests, needles and too many doctors visits to become a mother. We cry with you. We mourn with you but we celebrate you. You are so strong. Let God hold you today.
To the girl praying to hold the child in the photo and call him your own. We celebrate you. Your patience is amazing and your love so deep.
To the mother who has miscarried or lost a child. Today we mourn with you. We reach out and hold you today. Your tears are seen. We celebrate your strength and pray for your peace.
To the newly pregnant, excited and scared mother to be. We celebrate you. You are so blessed.
To the mother of a newborn. You are tired, need support and strength. We celebrate new life and your new path in motherhood. We celebrate you.
To the mother of toddlers. You are tired. You are lonely and have snot stains and toys galore. What you do everyday matters. We celebrate you.
To the mom of teenagers. Your patience is weary. Your love is making an imprint. Don't give up. We celebrate you.
To the mom with an empty nest. You did well. They still need you. We celebrate and cherish you.
To the grandmother. You are priceless. Your love makes a lasting imprint on your grandchildren. We celebrate you.
To the mom with children who are lost, estranged, or no longer with us. We hold your sad heart today. You matter. You are loved. We celebrate you.
To the woman who never had children of her own. You took many under your wing and mothered them. You matter deeply. We celebrate you.
To every girl, woman and mother- whatever place you are in- God created you to love. How you love others matters. Keep doing it. You are celebrated.
Whether motherhood came sooner than expected, later, not in the way you expected or not at all- you are a woman of noble character. Your path to motherhood has been uniquely planned by God. You are worth more than rubies. Praise God today for where He has you and thank Him for what He has in store.

Happy Woman's Day!

And to my mother- you are a beautiful, loving gift to me, my sisters and my children. Thank you for how you love us. Thank you for showing me how to nurture, love and mother.
To my mother in law- I want to love my boys the way you loved yours. Thank you for loving my children so deeply. I love and cherish you.

"You are worth far more than rubies...You are clothed with strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come.... Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears The Lord is to be praised. " Proverbs 31

Waited seven years to become a mother. May this video bring you joy as it did me today! :)


  1. i can't get over the cuteness. my heart just melts when Jude says it- so cute and serious!


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