Tomorrow I anticipate silence. I don't know what to do with that.
Three noisy boys voices, toddling foot steps, skids on the kitchen floor, whines of disdain, car sounds and the fresh beat band all echo in my brain all day and night.
I will not have dishes, laundry, toys to step on, a list of endless projects, or a handsome husband to entertain. It's just me, a king size bed, the ocean and some comfy sweatpants. I feel guilty leaving but i know I will be a better mom after I can reset myself. My brain has been crying out for a cleanse. An ability to focus. A deep breath.
This weekend I am staying in a hotel at a local beach. What are my plans? Nothing.
Walk the beach, shop, lay in bed, sleep past seven, and take the longest shower ever. All while slowly turning down the volume in my brain until it gets to silence. Only there can I truly hear Gods voice. May this silence wash over my soul like cold, brisk awakening water. I want to clean up, shake off all the nonsense and be able to focus. Lord I pray you meet me there this weekend. I also pray for my sweet husband who will be alone with his mini-me's for over 24 hours. May my house not be in shambles.
The ocean is calling...


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