Fifty Dollar Kitchen Redo


The old tin signs had a layer of dust I cannot describe. Yuck.
Let's be honest, when is the last time I have thought of dusting above my cabinets?
The red pendants showed dust despite my actual cleaning of them.
Therefore, I had a HUGE problem that needed answering.
Afterall, showing dust is the BIGGEST of my problems lately. (insert sarcastic tone) ;)

My only answer-kitchen redo.
Problem: Whoops I have no money.
Okay- my budget is $50.
I spent $48.74. What else can I get for $1.26? If you know- tell me!

I bought 1/2 yard of fabric from Joann's, two simple and delightful drum shades, a cute little owl, and some art projects. The EAT sign is painted on dollar chalkboards and the chevron/designed canvas' were buy one get one free and I painted them with cheap acrylics. It's not a fancy redo- but enough to lift my spirits. It feels warm, lived in and fresh. I spend a heck of a lot of time in that room so how it makes me feel is imperative. Granted- it usually is full of dishes and there are blocks on the floor. When I have it all cleaned up at night, it is nice to sit back and enjoy it's beauty. It's a slice of peace in my hectic day. And let's face it- I just had to hide that DUST! Ha.


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