Snotty Kids

Not the nasal discharge.
Although, I do see plenty of that.
The nasty, bratty, grabby hearted kind.
Those kind of kids you want to say smart comments to but you realize their parents molded them that way, its not their fault.
When a five year old is pushing my two year old and saying mean things it makes my blood just boil. Boil people.
Do not mess with mama bear kid.
Do not.
Where is this kids parents to set him straight? To get that snot off his attitude?
Well my little Levi, whose character would never hurt a fly, pushed back. A big kid, he pushed back a big kid... Luckily my hubs stepped in and told them both pushing is not nice. The snotty kids reaction was, "I'm five- I can push if I want..." Am I letting some five year old turn up the heat on my already boiling blood?
Maybe a little.
Well secretly I was proud of my Levi defending himself against a big kid. I contained myself. Paul was nicely stern with the snotty kid.
We all come in contact with snotty kids, and adults for that matter. I am sure that five year old has a very sweet heart. I can't totally control the kids mine interact with. I can only lovingly show mine how to deal with them how Christ would. What a challenge this new phase of parenting will be. How to play nice with other kids who were raised differently than mine. It's a discipline in patience and grace for others. A discipline in restraint for ourselves. How can we grow from this while showing live to others? What are the rules here? Where is the parenting manual people?

Grace and peace.

Please excuse me while I go blow my nose.


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