falling fruit

I'd label my face today if I could. New beginnings in January always inspire me from deep within to get organized. It is my sense of control among my chaos.

Label, organize, clean, label today! All while my 15 month old is pushing himself between my legs and the cabinet. While my Jude is in the midst of a four day emotional, clingy, "I want to be a baby,pick me up" two year old meltdown. A four day melt down with no end in sight. I had to hide the marshmallows and cupcake liners from the boys sight for fear of hearing, (include drawn out, high pitch monotone whining), "levi, eat peeeeeeeeeeeease."

Nevertheless, the pantry, fridge and spice cabinet are all spic and span. For the moment. Labeled. For the moment. Happy. For the moment. The list of projects is barely touched yet I take it one day at a time.

In a book I am reading she so graciously explained that God wants us to bear fruit. If the fruit falls to the ground and rots, becomes squirrel food, or someone notices it beauty does not matter. God commanded us to bear fruit. We care for it and help it grow and the rest is God's.

I will not fear failure and not grow fruit at all. I will do, with faith. I will love, without condition. I will discipline, without need for perfection. I will give, without expectation for return. I will organize and label, without need for controlling all things at all times. I will bear fruit, I will grow, I will love.

So go. Go out today and gently, graciously grow your fruit.


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