I'm baaaaack....(sort of)

It's been awhile friends. I have been fighting off dragons, diapers, tantrums, snotty noses, blocks in the kitchen, sickness, sticky fingers, food on the floor and laundry piled 4 feet tall all while wearing a cape I may add. (Sweatpants actually and no ladies, no bra) But yes, yes my friends I have been tackling, sword fighting and pushing through the fire of mommy hood so have been too busy to share. I don't get out much. I hope this space in 2013 will be a solace and escape from the home I am bound to while my wee ones sleep. It's my joy and honor to have such bright, sunny and hilariously entertaining boys. It's my privilege to walk this life with them and battle it with love and laughter. To grow together. I'm excited to see what this year gives, what I put into it and what I can share with you. May the odds be ever in your favor moms.....GO!


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