Momma love

Playing stay at home mom today. I took the boys to a local farm that has a pumpkin patch, corn maze, tractors and such. The boys have been twice and I just simply needed to get them out of the house. Getting three kids out of the house alone is a task- I get them all out of the car and to the booth (which takes forever with little legs) and the lady says...twenty one dollars. Sigh. I only brought ten. The last two times we came it was 7. Apparently it's under two free not two AND under. Waddling back to the van with all three tiny legs in tow whining because they can't go play with the pumpkins. So I get my credit card and waddle them back over and pay twenty one dollars. (Rip off!) we stay there for an hour and they begin mating down because its cold. What a waste of money when I am so strapped buying milk and diapers is a challenge. Bad decision on my end. Should have just put them back in the van and gone home despite the whining. Some days I get a lot done, I have energy, the house is somewhat picked up and I have dinner in the crockpot. Today is not one of those days. Today is a "I'm trying to just make it through" kind of day. Whiny kids, an unsuccessful outing, dishes in the sink, toys everywhere, insurance work to be done, too broke to buy groceries, a bit crabby and no chocolate in the house. I do have most of the laundry done and had a cupcake leftover. The little things get me through. Little things also add up to bring me down. i suppose i need to change perspective. My twins now say, "momma love" which is certainly on the good side of the scale that has a lot of weight. May my focus be on Christ and my example of love to my children today- not myself and my little obstacles....


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