Love child number three: ejb

Ethan Joseph bowman. The mention of your name simply makes me smile. You are a pure joy. Your face always has a smile on it. Your heart is always so sweet.

God has something so special in mind for you. You have a great purpose. Our chances of ever conceiving on our own were less than 1%. One percent! We tried to have your brothers for six years. A mere five months after they were born I got the surprise of my life. (just equal to being told I was having twins) I was having a baby! I would have 14 month old twins and a newborn. Anyone who has ever had a baby knows the insurmountable horizon I was looking at. Scary. God has given your daddy and I strength from places we never knew existed. You made it easy. There were rocky moments but through it all you had a smile. An adorably bald and toothy one since only four months old. You love your brothers. You copy all they do. You have made car sounds since you were seven months old. You have crawled since eight months. A spider monkey crawl but it works and you are quick! You are mischievous and into very single thing possible. You love to scrunch up your nose and smile. You love to do what we call, "the pit bull face" to make people laugh. You are a great sleeper. You slept 5 hours straight since 6 weeks old. Not always when we want you to, but good nonetheless. Needless to say, Ethan Joseph you are the third musketeer, hilarious, smart, adorable, loving and our son. What a joy this first year has been. I know Gods plan for your life is bright, fulfilling, and will change lives. In love with you son. Love today and tomorrow, Momma


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