Squeaky clean

Is it terrible I laugh inside at the soon to be parents who think their lives are not going to change? Their house will remain clean? That they can control every movement of their kid? That somehow their kid will be perfect? I admit- I thought they same way pre-baby. I suppose you just have no idea until you experience it yourself. As a recovering neat freak myself- kids are an all natural medication for neat freak everywhere. You can only chase them around with a vacuum for so long before you begin missing being present in their lives. You learn there is more to life then a clean home. God changes you from the deepest parts after having children. He shows you the icky parts and the glorious parts of yourself all in the same day. What an exercise in spiritual growth to focus on the heart of your child and ignore the things that will pass away or can be cleaned up later. As I sit here in a messy house- my 25 year old self would be shocked. Those soon to be parents are getting ready to get on a ride that will be much more exciting then they bargained for. May God grow them deeply as He has me. May He continue to grow me every moment. May I remember what undergirds my life- my heart and the
heart of my kids not the appearance of my home.

Here is a photo of my boys on day one of potty training. Talk about messy! :)


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