Welcome to the whine fest....

It's been awhile, friend. Once again.
Motherhood supersedes me. It's an ever changing, on the job training occupation. I write about my quest on the mommy journey because it's still a new job for me. No one grades me, gives me a performance review, or tells me where I could improve. I learn as i go and normally the hard way. I have to figure it all out on my own, ask God for discernment, and read my children.

When my boys act super whiny when we have guests it embarrasses me. We had friends over today and they whined half the time. They are just going through a phase where they are super clingy and scared by crowds of unknown people. I feel out of control when they act this way and let's face it, like a sucky mom. A mom who can't control her kids. Sigh. I am that mom I said I would never be. That one in the grocery store i thought, "ugh...my kids will never act that way..." It's inevitable. Kids whine. Kids go through phases. My boys are sweet as pie, polite, kind, funny and helpful most of the time. I can't gauge my job as a mother solely on the behavior of two two year olds on one day. I do my best. I read developmental books, spiritual training books, and discipline books. None of them can prepare you for the day to day with three boys under the age of two. It won't always be perfect. They will act out occasionally. They are learning. I am learning. We are learning how to be together. I need to give them the freedom to fail and not be so hard on myself at the same time. So I suppose I will roll my sleeves up, press on and roll with the punches. I have been given an armful of blessings and I will rear them with my eyes set on Jesus.

"train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."-proverbs 22:6


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