Practicing Gods Presence #24: Professional Mom

So call me a domestic diva.
Yesterday I had Ethan in cloth G-diapers, sewed him homemade flannel bibs, made dinner, did dishes, put away laundry, cleaned the boys room, and yes I even took a shower and wore a bra! And went to the gym. All while playing with 21 month old twins and a 6 month old. Whew. I need a break.

Now this was the first half of my day. The second half, after the twins supposed to be two hour nap that ended as a one hour nap, was exhausting. I held myself together, was positive and happy and played with the boys all morning. Levi decided to wake up as a terrible two. Terrible two. Throwing food, refusing to clean it up, spilling crayons everywhere after being told to wait, screaming to my room because I left his sight to put the baby down for a nap. And the baby woke up. Add another cranky butt to my hands. Sigh. Why is it so hard to control myself when everyone is so misbehaving? I want to revert to yelling so often. I have to breathe deeply and remember they are babies and I'm an adult. Sigh. I need to be a professional mom here. I can do this. Jesus help me. When customers yell at me at work I have to suck it up. Here we are again. Suck it up and direct them lovingly.

Even when I am proud of my great morning and it comes crashing down with cranky almost two year olds pushing me to my limit. Only God can give me the patience, the grace, the joy. My hands are open and my heart is willing. When I play housewife four days a week I am serving God directly as I serve my family. I am growing my soul and directing them to His. It's the most difficult job I have ever had and it pays much more too. My job title Friday through Monday is, Professional Mom. May I treat this job with the seriousness I do my real job but layered with passion, love, patience and authentic joy.

Here is what my fridge looks like. Screaming, "clean me!"


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