Practicing Gods Presence #23: leather neck ache

"I haven't slept in 6 months!" says my puffy eyes husband very, very early this morning. We sleep most nights in this leather chair. With our neck bent over, holding a cute, crying baby. Necks ache's of course ensue. Annoying neck cricks.

So here I am, in a search for a solution. The 'Happiest Baby on the Block' technique we used on the twins does not seem to be working on this baby. Since six weeks he has, what doctors call 'slept through the night' which means at least five hours straight. The problem is he is ready for bed at seven. So this means at 12, 2, 4 etc. we are awake. We try comforting him in his crib, a bottle, rocking, a pacifier, sleeping with us. Whatever works to get him back to sleep. Now he is giggling and wide eyed at 5 am too!
Yes it's still dark and 5 stinking am. When I rollover and see the clock my body screams, "noooo!"
Five am would not be bad if he slept in between.

So I have not slept in more then six months because ladies we all know the last say, 7 weeks of pregnancy, you get up to pee every hour. I am exhausted. This is the phase you forget about how much it sucked when they are older..

So here is my plea: what sleep technique worked for your baby?
The cry it out technique, no cry sleep solution, baby wise, or happiest baby on the block?

With the twins we did happiest baby on the block and a little baby wise. They did not sleep well until about 6 months or so. Now they are rock star sleepers. In bed by 7 and wake up at 7. Doctors say toddlers should not be in bed any later then 730. Good sleep begets good sleep biologically. It also improves cognition and behavior. Sleep away twins!
I am at a dilemma here now that if I let Ethan cry it wakes the twins at 5 am then I have cranky twins, cranky parents and cranky baby. No good. No good at all.

I am desperate here. I know this will pass but I want to do all I can to raise another good sleeper and FAST! Caring for three kids under 21 months, myself, house, husband and working is tough. I crash after the boys go to bed and I get bare minimum housework out of the way. Crash. More sleep equals a happier family over all.

Obviously I don't need to tell anyone more sleep is awesome. How do I get there? What is best for me and my baby? What really works? Which book should i invest in? Comments and suggestions are encouraged!
Thanks for listening to this weary mom who is desperate for a date with the sheets. A nice, long, uninterrupted date.

Now how is this part of my project you ask? Well I guess you could say if I get better sleep it would be easier to enjoy and recognize Gods presence. Looking forward to that. Praying for that. It's a stretch, I know ;)


  1. I know it can be frustrating when your little one isn't sleeping well. I would love to share some things with you guys that worked well for us. Here's my email address if you are interested I thought it might be a little too lengthy for the blog. We have been blessed to have several close friends that we have learned from, and would love to be able to help you guys I'll be praying for rest for you and your family.


  2. Thanks Lindsay! Inboxing you now :) luckily sleep issues are gone- still need help with napping. Always open to suggestions....


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