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Practicing Gods Presence#15: Memories

Friday, January 13, 2012

Replacing a picture of the twins I found an old set of pictures in the frame. As soon as I saw them, my heart melted. I had this frame with my boys photos in them with me while I was in my hospital room alone and my tiny preemies were in the NICU. This photo brought me comfort in knowing they were still sort of there with me even when allthe other moms were comforting their newborns and I could not. Even while I was miles away at home and they were still in the hospital. This photo reminded me of Gods miracle in those boys and how He had never left me and never will. I knew He was right there caring for my boys when I could not be present with them. Although those days going to and from the hospital while still recovering from a c-section were often gut wrenching, I reminisce on Gods ever present comfort despite my heartache. This photo brings back that feeling. It was 19 months ago I gave birth to them today. Thank you Jesus for your presence in my hospital room alone while I cried, in the NICU, in my baby less home and in the car ride home from the hospital without them. Only You could have provided that peace. May this post remind me You never leave me or forsake me. You are a constant presence, ready and waiting to hold me when I am weak.

Practicing Gods Presence

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  1. I love the raw way that you share on here; I'm so blessed by your writing—although I haven't commented enough. Thank you for reminding me to see God's promises/faithfulness all around me, even when I can't see in in my situation.

  2. Thanks for commenting Rachel! It's so good to hear the reflection on my 'junk' helps someone else. As you know it just helps to write it out- puts it all into perspective. :)