Practicing Gods Presence #18: Cheerios

What a day. What a stinking day.
My body, my mind, my spirit are all exhausted. Not just from today, but an accumulation of days. Living on 4-5 hours of sporadic sleep for the past 5 months, carrying around twins, an infant, playing on the floor, bending over the kitchen sink and sitting at a computer all day adds up. Always having to think ahead about who needs to eat, be changed, needs to nap or is not feeling well along with what housework needs done or what customer to call next, adds up. Only going to work and home, only talking to my husband, parents, and kids. Rarely getting to church, having the energy to read the Bible, falling asleep when I pray, lacking the ability to close off my world to quiet and focus on Jesus, adds up. Yes, I am exhausted. I need a break. When I try to work out at home or take time to read the Bible, the toys dishes and laundry states at me. I just can't focus. This is all making me grumpy. Why can't I just let go?

Well, yesterday I did. The boys were so bored. Cheerios necklaces here we come. They loved them. They loved dumping them all over the floor even more. Go ahead. I give up. I let go. Still exhausted, that let out a little steam. I don't always have to be all together. Every day is not always pretty. This is one of those times. This is one of the times I need to dig deeper and focus on what God is teaching me. I need to let go of my mom job for a bit and look at life through Gods eyes instead of my own. Frustration, exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed means it's time to take a break. So here I go. Time to just have fun getting messy with Cheerios and letting my worries fall into the lap of my father. Jesus restore my energy, my spirit, my mind. May I shake off the dirt and rest in You today. May the trail of Cheerios on the floor lead to some freedom, some joy, and some laughter.


  1. FIrst those boys are adorable. Second, I hear ya, exhaustion is killer, falling asleep while praying here I come . . . maybe I need to let go a little, find somebody's kids and dump some cheerios on the floor?


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