Practicing God's Presence #12: to organize

I organized the boys toys yesterday. They are all happily separated in labeled bins. Silly to think 18 month olds will be able to keep it together for even two minutes. See the picture below. Part of my focus of this new year is to get organized and so this small project was a start. While organizing I sat in my pajamas while the boys napped in a hurry to try to get something done before they woke up. The counters were piled with dishes, dinner needed started, and all the toys and books were on the floor. The house was warm, I could only hear the sound of the baby's breathing and an occasional car driving by. As I separated toys and made a pile to hand down to Ethan, I felt so at peace. I felt God telling me He was ordering my life in a similar way. Separating things into different piles and getting rid of old stuff. Change is brewing in my soul.

Although my physical home seemed unordered, messy and chaotic the heart of our home felt warm. My heart as a mother felt honored to have this mess, my boys, blessed by their playfulness and overflowing with grace for them. I was also curious what sort of organizing God was doing in my life. Despite the messes the boys created I was ordering things for them to help direct their creativity in play. Interesting to think despite the messes I have created in my own life God still takes the time to sit down, organize and clean up my heart. Why is He organizing things? What? Thoughts for me to ask Him about I suppose. Hurried by impending waking children I finished the task and felt accomplished. I can show my children how to live their life, sit back and watch them play and know I will have to organize again soon. Someday, as they grow and as we spend time together, we can do this together. Father, I look forward to spending some organizing time with you today. Love, Your Daughter


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