Practicing God's Presence #11: icky sicky

Icky sicky's fill this home. Daddy, however has a shield and sword that have warded off our sicky bugs-what a superhero he is. The rest of us are hacking, snotty, fevery, whiny and tired. No fun, especially on Christmas. Having a four month old who can't breathe and can barely cry it just simply breaks my heart. Broken - it's awful. I prayed and prayed for his healing last night as I anxiously listened to him breathe/wheeze. It has been three weeks since he has been healthy. It makes me appreciate that much more when they are healthy. Those smiles and giggles are coveted today. Coveted. Amidst the icky, sicky yuckiness in our house it's warm in here. Not just because of the humidifier...Ha. We are together and happy. My heart feels full after spending Christmas with all of our family. I love nothing more then sharing our lives with them. I only wish we could do it more often. I practiced God's presence yesterday amidst family and sickies and just being with each other, breaking bread, sharing our lives allowed me to feel happy and at peace. Plain and simple. That's it. So just enjoy family and health while you have it.


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