practicing God's presence #7: messy peace

When my house is clean, it makes me happy. I sit down, take in the sights of my hard worth, sigh and smile.
That does not happen often anymore.

If it does, it last for exactly 2.5 seconds.

I am okay with that.

When the boys are whining, the baby is screaming, and I am tripping over toys it is easy to get overwhelmed. I choose the attitude I will have and how I will react.  Will I choose joy? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. When the floor is covered in cheerios and toys sometimes I have the deepest sense of peace in my baby puke stained bathrobe sitting on the floor playing with my boys.  The outward means nothing. I withdraw from it and choose to see the sparkle in those blue eyes, the innocent joy in those giggles, the peace in their warm hugs and the beauty in that glowing smile. When I choose to worship my Father amidst the messy it shapes my soul and my children see it and are blessed by it. Thank you Jesus for Your glowing, warm and beautiful love. My cup runneth over.

"What offering is more acceptable
to God
than thus throughout the day
to quit the things of outward sense,
and to withdraw to worship Him
within the secret places of the soul."
- Brother Lawrence

 Here are a few recent pictures that have brought me joy as of late... 

-Brother Lawrence


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