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I bought this lovely fruit at the store yesterday. They remind me of my mom. We used to snuggle on the couch and pick at them together. She would sometimes pick it for me because I was not very good at it. Aside from them being full of anti-oxidants they are full of warm memories of being with my mom as a kid. Maybe that is why I still like them despite how tedious they are to eat. I know its fall when I see them in the store.

Tonight I finished washing dishes while Paul was rocking Ethan to sleep and the twins were in bed. It was very quiet and dark in our house aside from the light above the kitchen sink. I peeled the pomegranate in my comfy sweatpants and it was silent.  I took advantage of this silence and spent some time focusing on God. It was peaceful. It was lovely after a long, somewhat trying day.  Rather than begin to pray a laundry list of things, I asked Him what He wanted to teach me while I was peeling this fruit.


I did not get any sort of answer per se. I just peeled it, enjoyed the silence and the task at hand. I stayed in tune with God, waiting and listening. It was like we were together in silence, comfortably. It was a precious few minutes. I simply felt surrounded by His love sort of like I did when my mom and I picked pomegranates on the couch together when I was a child. Even though this fruit has a thick skin and it is difficult to get into, the red ruby gems inside are worth spending the time to pick it.  Hmmm. I have a few areas of my life I can apply this patience leading to beauty idea. Thanks God.

 "People seek methods of learning to know God. Is it not much shorter and more direct to simply do everything for the love of Him? There is no finesse about it. One only has to do it generously and simply." ... Brother Lawrence 

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