Practicing the Presence: Part 2

Who likes it?
I admit, I don't mind the folding too much, it's the putting away I find myself having a hard time with. I won't tell you how many days this pile will sit here...
When folding it I attempted to practice what brother Lawrence did.
 "for work is no different than prayer time. Even in the noise and clatter of the kitchen while several persons are calling at the same time for different things, I posses God in as great a tranquility as if I were upon my knees at the Blessed Sacrament." 
It's this inner peace and silence God radiates when you are quiet enough to hone in on it- despite the craziness around you. I folded these clothes while all three boys were napping so the crazy dial was on low. The house was quiet. I cannot say so much for the noise in my head. I was trying to focus on God but kept thinking how I wanted to lay down and sleep, take a shower, or crash on the couch.  It was not quite tranquility. I have to learn to pray about those thoughts in my head- God cares about them. He cares about whats on my heart. I have a lot to learn from brother Lawrence and much to hear form God. Luckily I have lots of laundry to do still...
Practice practice practice....


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